The best time of the year to hunt lions is December, January and early February. Lion hunting is a fun and exciting hunt. Hunts are conducted using 4 x 4’s, snowmobiles, and hiking. It is important to note that lion hunts are very dependent on having snow on the ground in order to identify tracks.

Once a track is found, the hounds are off and the excitement builds. We will do our best to tree a quality lion and then it is your decision whether you take it or not.

You have a lot of options when choosing the right weapon. You can use a bow, rifle, pistol, or muzzleloader.

Licenses over the counter are based on a quota system for the area. If the quota is full, no more licenses can be filled.

Garvey Brothers Outfitters LLC has Colorado Outfitter Registration #2850 carries all appropriate insurance, and maintains special use permits for the public lands we hunt on. References gladly supplied on request.

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